Day 122.

Today, I don’t feel like going on and on. The boss for my summer job called yesterday, and talked a bit to me and my mother (as my mom does a little bit of work at the same restaurant that I do during the summer) and told me the boss would call me today. She still hasn’t called.

Now, she has been known to overlook things and she’s a very busy woman, so it’s pretty common for her to forget little things like this. And I don’t think the restaurant is open, but even if it is, it’s so slow this early in the season that there wouldn’t be much of anything for me to do.

Still. It’s kind of torking me off a little because I stayed home all day just in case she called for me on our house phone. She usually calls that, and only rarely calls my cell.

Also I’ve had a shitty evening. I got into a tiny argument with my mother but managed not to cry, but all that holding it in caught up with me. We bought sherbet for dessert tonight and I had seen her scoop a double scoop cone for my brother, so I figured that’s just what we were having. Yet when I scooped my own double scoop, she said “Geez, are you making that big enough?” and that basically did not help at all and I finally lost it.

Whatever. I’m over it now, but honestly, I have been doing so many things to try to change my habits, and we do not have ice cream or sherbet regularly at ALL, so fucking lord, having a double scoop cone ONE TIME is not going to turn me into a 600 pound fatass.

Anyway. I want to hurry and finish this so I can finish my art blog, so I can just piss around online.

+A bowl of cereal. Special K I believe.

+An omelette using two eggs, a teensy bit of ham (like, maybe a tablespoon was all we had left), a slice of cheese, and the last green onion. And I had one piece of toast. The heel of the bread.

+Some chicken, some mashed potatoes, and some romaine lettuce with a teensy drizzle of ranch.

Also, today I had the infamous double scoop sherbet cone and a reeses peanut butter cup. And a handful of pretzels.

I believe that’s it. I really didn’t do that bad today so I refuse to feel bad about a fucking sherbet cone.

I’m off to play some brain melting online games.