Day 126.

Well kids, I’m kind of right in the middle of writing my art blog, so today’s entry will be strictly business. Mostly because I got most of the yammering about my day out on my art blog.

+A bagel

+A cheeseburger and a few onion rings (we had Hardees coupons)

+A piece of beef something or other, with sliced potatoes, and gravy.

Also, today I had some popcorn, and a package of fruit snacks. And a handful of pretzels. That was all, until the bowl of dry crunchy nut cheerio like cereal I’m snacking on right now.

Wait. I had a tiny chunk of blueberry muffin as a sample at Target, and a tiny bit of roasted red pepper hummus with a baby carrot stick, as another sample. The hummus was really good but at like, 4 bucks for a small container, it was way overpriced so we didn’t get any.

Anyway, I’m off to finish my art blog entry and then I’ll be in bed before too long. I’m trying to practice going to bed a bit earlier so getting up at 5am for my paper route won’t be quite as difficult. I’ll probably still sleep in because, come on, it’s a Sunday, but I want to get in the habit of not staying up until midnight.


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