Day 128

Today, I made a rhubarb brown sugar pie with meringue on top. That took a lot longer than I expected but it was fun. Upon tasting the pie, my brother and I decided that it would be worth it to make something else with meringue.

Seriously, I was busy today. That pie took a couple hours in all, I did a shitload of dishes, I biked to the library and back, swept and straightened the back porch, cleaned the bathroom including mopping the floor (our floor is really small, but still)… Did more dishes. Made homemade french fries for dinner. Went to a PFLAG meeting.

We signed up to bring treats for next month… and of course, more people than normal are going to be at that one. Usually like 20 people are at a meeting, but we’re having a speaker next month and there will more than likely be like 50 people there.

Hey. More people to peddle my baking to. It’ll be fun.

In other news, I called the dude from the newspaper, and he’s going to meet me at my house on Wednesday to fill out paperwork and discuss things. I could have the route as soon as Thursday, depending on when the girl who has it now wants to be done. I’m really hoping I don’t have to take it until Monday. I want to familiar myself with the route. I have found all the streets, but I want to go out tomorrow and find all the houses on the route. Just to commit them to memory, since I tend to remember things a lot better if I have a mental picture to refer to.

I also haven’t been real good at trying to get used to getting up early. I think it’s because I know I don’t have to get up early yet. I’m going to set my alarm tomorrow for 6:30 am. And then probably for 6 for the rest of the mornings until I take over the route. Then I’ll be getting up at 5am, until I get used to the route. If I get fast enough I’ll probably let myself sleep until 5:30.

And really, I only have 25 papers to deliver a day (Well, actually I will have 18 people that get the paper on Monday-Friday, and then the extras are on the weekend). The actual delivering shouldn’t take that long, but it could take me a good 15-20 minutes to bike to that part of town. I haven’t decided yet if I want to just bike over to that area, and then chain my bike somewhere while I walk the route, or if I want to just bike the whole route.

I will decide that after I find all the houses on the route.

Anyway, I want to go to bed fairly early so I need to finish this entry, and my art blog entry for today.

+Egg salad on a plain bagel

+Ham sandwich, and taco chips/salsa

+Shredded pork+barbecue sauce on a whole wheat soft taco shell, with some mozzerella cheese. I also had some homemade french fries.

I had some macaroni salad, a few cashews, and an unfrosted donut. And a little bowl of popcorn.

I also had a mountain dew throwback, which I figured I had to include since it had calories in it.

Oh. I also had a very small piece of my pie, and some raspberry sherbet.

Yeah. Today could have been better… but considering how much food they had at that PFLAG meeting, it could have been much much worse.


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