Day 129.

Well kids… today was all right. Not the worst, not the best. It was just there.

This morning at about 9 I biked out to the streets on my future newspaper delivery route, and I found all but two of the houses. I figure I can go back tomorrow to find them.

Speaking of tomorrow, I meet with the newspaper guy to fill out paperwork and whatnot. I really hope I don’t have to take over the route as soon as Thursday. If at all possible, I want to take it over on Monday next week. It all depends on when the lady who has it now wants to be done. If she wants to be done after tomorrow, obviously I’ll deal with it, but I still hope I can wait until Monday. There’s something about starting a new paper route on Monday that I like, but hey. I might not be able to. Whatever. I’ll deal.

I’m just worried about what I’ll do when we go on our day trips this summer. It’ll probably only be one or two weekends, but… I’ll have to call the newspaper guy and he’ll have to find a replacement when those times come.

I don’t want to miss out on those trips just because I have a paper route. I suppose it’s one thing if it’s the sort of trip where we’re gone all day but come home at night. Those would be okay, but… overnight trips I’d need someone to fill in for me.

I won’t worry about that until I have to.

Still. I’ve still got jitters, but I’m sure everything will work out. And really, I’m happy to be making any money. You know you’re poor when 76  bucks every 28 days sounds like a lot.

I figure I’m going to divide it up something like this. It’s 76 bucks and a little bit of change, but I’ll figure on 76.  I want to put 10 bucks a month in this jar I have in my room, and that will be free for all shopping money. I want to buy some 80s sunglasses, and maybe something at the art fair when the carnival/art fair roll into town. But it’ll just be there so I can have a little bit of spending money.

That leaves 66 dollars. I want to make a fine payment of 36 bucks every month. That’ll only be three payments over the summer (from my newspaper money; if I get my summer job or another, more will be paid). So we’re down to 30. That I’m thinking I can save up so I can open my savings account again. I had to close it last summer, but hopefully I can open it again and keep it going.

I obviously hope to make larger fine payments if I can secure my summer job, or if I can secure a more permanent job.

Anyway, I’ve got an art blog to post, so on we go.

+two pieces of garlic bread

+A little bit of ham, not on bread or anything. Just the ham. I also had some mashed potatoes.

+A maid rite (or sloppy joe, what I usually call them) on sandwich thins, with some taco chips and salsa.

I also had a granola bar, and a piece of meringue pie.  And a little cup of frozen lemonade stuff. I think that was it as far as non meal fare goes.


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