Don’t think that we don’t know / Don’t think that we’re not trying / Don’t think we move too slow / It’s no use after crying / Saying It’s a mistake… {day 133}

-Men at Work

This morning at 4 am I was rather rudely awakened by a lovely gift courtesy of mother nature. Thankfully I was able to get back to sleep after that was dealt with, but it set up a great backdrop for starting my newspaper route on Monday. Thankfully the worst of it should be gone by then, but I’m still a little annoyed.

It was for that reason that I spent most of my day lying about like a sloth, slowly clawing my way around the house.

I did go to the library with mom to mark book sale books (we volunteer to mark donated books for the library’s book sale) and while attempting to check out two movies I’d been wanting to rewatch (The Disney version of Tarzan, and The Road to El Dorado) I discovered that the library no longer has Tarzan. That was depressing, especially because we don’t have any more video rental stores in the area. Seriously.

All we’ve got is that stupid Redbox shit now, which is fine if you want to watch a newly released movie, but is sadly lacking in the business of movies that are over a year old.

I’m sure the urge to watch the movie will pass, but I will say this; if I find a cheap used dvd copy of Tarzan online, I am going to buy it. I at least want the soundtrack, anyway.

Thankfully, the library did still have the El Dorado movie, which my brother and I watched. It’s a lot funnier than I remember. I wouldn’t actually mind owning that movie either, but I have higher priorities on which to spend my money so that will have to wait.

After that was over, I noticed that Sherlock Holmes was on tv, so I watched that. And may I just say that Robert Downey Jr. is fantastically sexy. Jude Law isn’t bad either but Watson was a bit too clean cut for my taste. Still cute though.

And now I’m here, rambling. I’m having strange, rolling blackout cramps. I’ll feel fine one minute, then the next I’m in  pain for like five minutes, then they’ll go away again. I’m not sure that’s entirely normal, but for now is really not causing any other trouble than being extremely irritating, so I’ll leave it be.

+One egg, fashioned into an omelette, on a toasted whole wheat english muffin. With one slice of smoked turkey lunchmeat, and a slice of cheddar cheese.

+A lunchmeat sandwich, with taco chips and salsa.

+Leftover stir fry from earlier this week.

Also, over the course of the day, I had three s’mores and two glasses of diet dr pepper. So, not exactly a great day in terms of food, but to be honest… I’ve kind of let it slide a little bit for the past couple of days because pretty soon, I’ll be biking for several miles a day, every day, so… I figure it’s not a problem.

Plus, I haven’t gone insane and eaten like a sumo wrestler or anything. And to be honest, I felt really bad about eating those last two s’mores. I also had some marshmallows, before I forget to mention that.

Seriously Firefox, keep up. I should not be able to type faster than a damn web browser can keep up with.

Anyway, I’ve got an art blog entry to post, so I’m off to do that. And fool around online a bit. Tonight is really my last night to sleep in, and tomorrow morning is the last time I’ll be able to sleep until whatever time I want so… yeah. See ya.


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