A nightengale sang above my mother’s tomb… {Day 137}

-Thomas Dolby, “Oceanea”.

I just thought that was a gorgeous line so I decided to use it as today’s title. My mother is actually alive and well. XD

Now, let me tell you a story about the shittiest day that I’ve had for a long time.

It began bright and early at 4:10 in the morning. I deliver papers, so…  yeah. I could probably get away with sleeping in until 4:30 or even slightly later, but I don’t like feeling rushed.

So anyway. I open the back door to go outside to get the bundle of papers from the curb, and it smells all skunky outside. Dad has seen skunks in our back yard before, so that made me really nervous. Luckily there were no little smelly animals about.

Once I got back inside, it started raining. I didn’t think much of it until I’d packaged up all the papers and went out to get my bike, and it was still raining.

Well. It didn’t stop raining. Not even once. In fact, it thunderstormed the entire time I was on my route. Needless to say, I got drenched. 95 percent of me was soaking wet. I just about crapped my pants every time there was thunder or lightning, but moreso for the lightning. Me on my nice metal bike would make a perfect conductor, not to mention the fact that I was soaked.

So, I got back home and had to change clothes immediately.  I did a tiny bit of internet browsing, but just after 7am or so, I went up to bed to see if I could get some more sleep. I was stupidly up until 11 pm last night working on a Labyrinth fanfiction, as I watched the movie with my brother yesterday and that kind of rekindled my interest in my story.

Anyway, I slept until 9:45 I believe, so that was good. I actually woke up briefly before that thinking “Oh my god, I’m late delivering papers!” and actually had to stop and think “Duh, I already delivered them, I went back to bed afterwards.”

When I got up, I got my phone out of the bag I’d used to deliver papers, and… it wouldn’t turn on. I took off the back and dried it out a bit, but after that, all it would do was turn on. None of the buttons worked. Naturally, I freaked out. Especially since that phone has a lot of stuff on it, and I can’t afford a replacement.

One of my facebook friends suggested putting it in a bag of uncooked rice. I used a small food container, but whatever. After hours and hours, I turned it on again to discover that most of the buttons work. The back key doesn’t work, as well as some of the letter keys… I think “c” and “b” and a few letters next to those.

But, yeah. I actually almost felt awake and normal at a few points during the day, but I still hardly had any energy at all.

So, at around 3, my brother was going to leave for work, and he dropped me off at the library. It was still pouring out, and I had a movie that was due. Plus mom had something in that she wanted me to pick up.

That was all well and good except, I walked home in the wind and rain to find that my brother had locked the house. And I don’t have a key. And, at that point my phone didn’t work at all (and was still in the house, in rice, anyway). So, my only option was to walk back to the library and ask if I could use their phone. I was swearing the entire walk there. I called my dad at work and luckily he could get away long enough to pick me up and take me home. So that was good.

Afterwards, I watched Ratatouille while I ate my dinner, and felt better after that.  But I’m still just glad this day is over. Although I am a bit peeved. I’m barely finished with this entry and it’s already damn near 10:30. I still have my art blog entry to throw together, and I need to charge my mp3 player a little for delivering papers tomorrow morning. Ugh. Looks like another 11pm or later bedtime tonight.

+A piece of super thin pizza, with three tiny flatbread wedges and probably a tablespoon of spinach artichoke dip.

+Dad had made me breakfast, which I wasn’t aware of until after I’d already eaten, so I ate the breakfast for lunch. It was a small piece of steak, an egg, and some hash browns. And two slices of toast.

+A cup or so (probably a little more) of cottage cheese, with a toasted bagel. And a slice of cheese.

Also, through the course of the day, I had two bowls of cereal.  I believe that was it.


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