Out of touch / Out of reach, yeah / You could try to get closer to me…

-“Hysteria”, by Def Leppard.

Well, hello kids. Today, I might actually get to bed before 11.  That’s kind of key when you have to get up early in the morning.

I have discovered I can sleep until 4:30 and still have all my papers delivered and be home just after 6. There are extra papers to deliver on Saturdays and Sundays, but during the week I might even let myself sleep in until 4:45.

I’ve been delivering papers for five days, and it’s been surprisingly easy to get into a routine. That routine might be interrupted a little on the weekends, with the extra papers being delivered, but I should be able to handle it.

On this side of this week, it seems pretty silly that I was freaking out and stressing over this so much. The hard part is getting up at 4:30 and having to package up papers in a sleepy haze, but once the papers are bagged and I’m on my bike I’m okay.

That being said, it gets ridiculously cold in the morning. I suppose that helps me wake up a bit, but it’s just not fun. Also, a lot of people in this town seem to get up really early in the morning. There aren’t very many people on the roads at 5am, but I see a lot of lights on in people’s houses.

One thing that keeps me going is the money obviously, but the thought that I may be able to buy tickets to see Def Leppard and Heart play at the Iowa State Fair in August is pretty motivating.

Now, I should get paid in three weeks or so. I plan on seeing if there are any decent seats left, and if there are, I will give my parents the money and have them use their credit card to purchase the tickets.

I know that as poor as I am, buying like 50 dollar concert tickets seems a little rash, but most of the rest of the money I earn this summer will go towards making payments on my fine. Hopefully I can get my summer job (I’m still not sure if they need me).

But whatever. I won’t worry about it just yet.

Anyway. Tomorrow is going to be weird. I deliver papers in the morning, and then there is the big Band Fest parade in Mason City, and my family will be walking with the local chapter of PFLAG, so that should be fun. We’ll all be wearing shirts that say “Gay? Fine by me.” So that will be enjoyable. I mean, my legs are already sore, so biking my route and then walking an entire parade route is going to be a little tiring, but I’ll live.

Another reason this weekend is going to rock is that I get to sleep in on Sunday night, because there are no papers printed on Memorial Day. I might still set an early alarm and then just get up and get a glass of water or something, but I’ll be going straight back to bed after that. XD I don’t want to mess myself up too much by sleeping in.



+bowl of trix cereal. I personally miss the days when the cereal was actually shaped like fruit.

+Cornbread, and some soup I made (recipe is from a vegan cookbook my mom got as a present; but basically it’s got tomato, rice, navy beans, and spices in it).

+Two eggs, scrambled, with some red and green pepper, and green onion.  Also had two slices of toast.
Green onion was from the farmer’s market. I’ll be excited when they start getting serious produce. I want the lady who sells giant bags of fresh basil for 50 cents to be back. XD

I also had two s’mores, but using only 3 graham crackers instead of four. And I used mini marshmallows. Also, I had two donuts (from this awesome bakery in the town my grandma lives in), a few cookies, and a teeny tiny shortbread square. I believe that’s it.

The donuts sound kind of bad, but they weren’t two huge overly glazed and frosted donuts.  One was a long john and was really fluffy. The other was a bismark. Besides. I’ll work it off tomorrow, as you read about above.

Now, I have to finish up some facebook things and submit an art blog entry.