We must be working for the skin trade…

-Duran Duran.

{Skip ahead to the bolded text if all you care about is the food. I ramble a lot in this entry}

Let me demonstrate to you how easily I can be distracted.

I went to wordpress.com to write a blog entry for today, got distracted by my old blog header, and decided to spend at least 45 minutes making a new one. The one you see now features a picture I took on the left, and pictures of my two current crushes on the right. It’s a strange beast.

In the past, my obsessions have been fairly singular, with me usually lusting after only one band at a time, but getting way, WAY into that band. Almost unhealthily so.

Right now I’m into Duran Duran and Def Leppard again. I kind of like being in another spell for both bands at the same time. That way, I can still listen to one of my current favorite bands, and I won’t beat either’s music to death so much that I can’t listen to it for three years afterwards. Also, the obsession isn’t nearly as unhealthy as my previous ones.

For instance, I was first into Duran Duran in the summer of 2005. I was spending all sorts of money on Duran Duran stuff. I bought their first two albums on ebay, I bought two dvds from Sam Goody, back when our mall had one. I was buying online music store gift cards at walmart just so I could go back home and buy more Duran Duran songs.  And that’s been the problem with a lot of my past obsessions, I’m so obsessed with them that I blindly spend money just to further that obsession. Also, I beat their music to death. It’s fun listening to almost nothing but one band for over a year straight, but after that, you’ll be sick of that band for two or three years. That’s literally how bad I overplayed Duran Duran’s music. With the exception of three or four songs on Red Carpet Massacre, I haven’t been able to listen to Duran Duran until this year.

The Def Leppard obsession wasn’t quite as intense or long lasting, but it was still plenty strong. But enough about that.

Basically, I’ve learned to not beat a musician’s music to death, and that if you love a band enough to want to spend money on them, do so wisely.

The food, and then submitting an art blog entry, and then to bed.


+Two small shortbread squares. Later, a diet mountain dew.

+Some chicken, a little bit of potato salad, some chips, and a slice of watermelon. And two vodka lemonades. There was also a bottle of white wine open but I’m not much for wine so I didn’t have any of that. Wine is the kind of shit that I go “Damn, I wish I liked this stuff”, and then every time I try it, it’s really gross. I have to melt popsicles in glasses of wine to be able to drink that shit.

+Cheeseburger with two strips of bacon, five onion rings, and a half cup of cottage cheese.

I was gone for a good chunk of the day, and busy doing things during the time I was home so I didn’t eat anything else.


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