Life in your new world / turning round and round / making some sense / where there’s no sense at all / no promises but if you should fall… {Day 141}

-“No Promises” by Icehouse.

Seriously guys, if you have never heard of Icehouse, you need to go to youtube right now. I only know like… four songs by them, but they’re damn good. And that lead singer has got killer eyes. They’re just insanely gorgeous.

This is probably the song you all know, but you have have HAVE to listen to a couple more.

This is like my new favorite song. Plus… god damn, is that man attractive. His name is Iva Davies, just in case you were curious. XD

Okay, one more. This is the song whose lyrics I borrowed for my title today.


Now, onward.

I have got a fun story to tell you about delivering newspapers this morning. I got up at my normal time, 4:30, but my stacks of papers weren’t there. So I thought, maybe they’re a tad late. I’ll wait a bit.

So I wait until roughly 5am, still no papers. I called the hotline, and the guy asked for my phone number and said he’d call when he figured shit out.

Well, time passes, and I’m getting impatient, and agitated. So I call again. I think I had to call a third time to find out what was going on. The person who delivers my stacks of papers dropped them off at the wrong location, and it would be 20 minutes before they’d get here.

By this time it’s past 6am, and normally I have all the papers delivered and I’m back home by then. My deadline was extended an hour, but I was still just really irritated.

Also, I’m really sore from all the bike riding, and marching in the Band Fest parade yesterday, so that helped. Although I did have a fun encounter. This older couple was sitting on their porch, and this particular house has a pretty black and brown furry cat that is always either on the porch, or watching from inside. It was outside this morning, and I chatted with the people a bit, and let the cat kind of sniff my hand (I don’t know why but when a cat doesn’t know you they like to kind of sniff your hand when you meet them).  The lady kind of chuckled and went “You’re lucky, usually she hisses”. I didn’t pet the cat because she had that “Eh, I’m not mad, but don’t pet me” look on her face. XD

So that was funny. Today has just been weird and trippy. I think the lack of sleep may finally be catching up with me, at least a little. Tonight isn’t going to help. Since there is no paper published on Memorial Day, I don’t have to get up early. So basically tonight I’ll be staying up pretty late, since I won’t get to do it very often.

I’m just finishing a coffee + milk now, and next on the drink menu is a cup or two of caffeinated tea, or perhaps some cappucino (from a powdered mix). Or maybe I’ll just make a cup of coffee in our tiny single serving coffee pot. I haven’t decided yet.


+A bagel with cream cheese

+BLT, with slices of green and red pepper, with ranch (half regular, half reduced fat)

+A bit of chicken, with some rice, and a piece of bread.
Also, had three french toasts made with sandwich thins. And I may have a little bit of cereal later, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, you all have a fun, and safe Memorial Day, and all that jazz.


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