Day 142 {Memorial Day}

Well, did everyone have a decent memorial day? Do anything fun? I slept in, and by slept in I mean I woke up at 7:30. When you usually get up at 4:30 to deliver papers, 7:30 is pretty much sleeping in. I had intended to sleep in longer, but once I wake up for the morning and see it’s light out, I can’t really get back to sleep.

I was in a really volatile mood today. It was weird. I think it’s the lack of sleep from the stupid paper route. I’m still not used to waking up at 4:30 in the morning.

It’s especially stupid when I can’t settle down until well after 10, and I’ll be lying awake in bed until 11 or even after.

Tomorrow I need to finish an application and turn it in. It’s to this cute little bar that I pass on my paper route in the mornings. It’s going to suck having to bike all that way a second time. I’m still really sore, and my left knee has been giving me problems.

On the upside though, I’m wearing a tee shirt that I got my sophomore year in high school. None of the size 20 jeans in my dresser fit quite yet, and most of the other shirts I have from back then don’t fit right either. I’m still just 250 pounds. I know the summer has barely started, and that biking a few miles every day for three months is going to get some results, but I’m a terribly impatient woman.  I’m not even 20 yet, and I wanted to get to size 18 before Halloween.

I’ve got quite a while before I have to worry about that. I do have some areas to work on. I’ve been snacking quite a bit less, so I guess the only thing now is to become smarter with the stuff I do eat. Like, I’m going to eat fewer taco chips and salsa. Salsa is actually pretty decent for you, so I guess I’ll have to start using like green pepper slices or something else in place of the chips. I don’t know. It’s just really hard to cut out some of those carbs.

Now, on the subject of the atkins diet bullshit, my opinion is pretty much the same as this guy’s…

…but it does do to cut back on some carbs. But I like pasta, and bread, and all that jazz.

It’s easy to talk about what you should do, but once it gets to the execution of that plan, it’s a bit more difficult.

I’m doing a lot better than I would be if I hadn’t started this food blog, but in generally I’ve just been becoming a lot more conscious about food, and a lot more interested in making my own, to avoid some of the chemicals in processed food. It’s shocking how much high fructose corn syrup is in everything, from freezer pops to fuckin’ potato chips, I swear.

Anyway. I’ve already done my art blog for the day, so I don’t need to hurry this entry on account of that, but if I start winding down now, I might actually get to bed in an hour.

+Two tiny pieces of breakfast pizza.

Didn’t get a chance to eat lunch. I was about to make myself lunch after 1, but then my mom and brother were ready to leave to go shopping, and I wanted to go, so I didn’t eat. We didn’t get back home until after 5, so I just ate for dinner what I was going to have for lunch.

+Improvised chicken salad, with a small green onion and some green pepper. Also some taco chips and salsa. And not even a half cup of cottage cheese.

Some gummy candy, and a few lemon drops. And lots of water. I’ve been trying to stay hydrated. I’m sure it’s healthier for me, but when you drink lots and lots of water out of a giant Aladdin cup right before bed, you have to piss like a racehorse when you get up in the morning.

That sort of thing wasn’t a problem before the paper route. If you get to sleep in until whenever you want, waking up at 3 to use the bathroom isn’t that bad, but it kind of blows if you have to get up early. If I wake up within an hour of when I have to get up for the paper route, I can’t get back to sleep.

I have a strange sleep schedule.

My mom bought me a pack of three bracelets that look like they were made out of translucent curly telephone cord. There’s a purple one, a blue one, and an aqua one, and it’s just the weirdest and coolest idea that I’ve heard for a long time. It would be fun to repurpose old telephones that way, I think. I owe her five bucks for them, and I get paid around June 20th. At that time, I want to see if there are still any decent tickets left for the Def Leppard/Heart gig I want to see in August, at the Iowa State Fair. I hope there are tickets left that aren’t in the nosebleeds. If there aren’t, tough shit.

I mean, I do want to see them, really badly, but I’m not about to shell out 50 bucks and then sit so far away I have to look at the giant tv screens to tell who the hell they even are.

In the event that there aren’t any decent seats left, I might consider going to some concert at the Surf this summer. I believe Burton Cummings, the lead singer of the Guess Who, is going to play there and I wouldn’t mind seeing him. And those tickets are only 30 bucks at the door.  Still. If I don’t go to the Def Leppard concert, I may just buy myself a cd, like Duran Duran’s latest, or some random album by Def Leppard (I’m thinking Slang, or Adreanalize, or maybe X).

I can’t spell. Forgive me. Lol.

Now I’m off to finish up a few things and check my email, then I’ll be to bed.