Could be I’m happy, I’m sad, could be I’m losing my head…

-“Crazy”, by Icehouse.

Hooray for using lyrics out of context. I apologize, but I do feel a bit crazy lately, probably thanks to my new schedule. Even though I get up at 4-4:30 in the morning, I only have to be working for an hour and a half.

In that respect, I have no room to complain. However, I am just now discovering how out of shape I am. My back and knees continue to plague me today, and it’s sort of pissing me off. When the weather is gorgeous, like it was today, it makes me want to bike all over the place, but the soreness and pain keeps me from doing things. I can hardly walk up our stairs. I get halfway and have to start pulling myself up with the railing. Biking any sort of uphill incline for even a little bit is a challenge.

It’s probably just because my lazy bones aren’t used to this much action.  I imagine that most of this will get easier as my body becomes accustomed to biking a few miles a day.

There is a downside though. Biking that early in the morning is just making me want to be lazier when I get home.

I should go to bed earlier, but as I have mentioned before, I can’t sleep when it’s light out. So I’m limited to times close to 9pm before it’s dark enough. And even then, I won’t be the least bit tired until after 10, usually closer to 11. And then you count the half hour or more I spend in bed trying to fall asleep.

Sometimes I try to go back to sleep after I get back from delivering papers, but more often than not I find that I am too awake to lie down. Or I’ll be exhausted and tired, so I go up to bed, only to find that I can’t stop thinking about the day ahead.

Still, I’m liking the fact that, pain or not, I’m being forced to bike a few miles a day, every day. And pretty soon here I’m going to get tired of staying home because I’m in pain, and I’ll go out and do fun things, knowing I’m going to pay for it the next morning at 4am.

I have a bunch of photo shoots planned for my fashionable brother to star in. There are various photogenic spots in town that need to be utilized, and since I hate getting my picture taken, who better to be my photographic guinea pig than my brother. XD

Also, this summer, my family wants to have a Star Wars marathon, where we watch all six movies in a row, because we’re not purists who only watch the original trilogy. Everybody knows the new trilogy wasn’t as good, but I still enjoyed them. Actually, I might not have ever seen the original Star Wars movies if it hadn’t been for Episode 1 coming out in theatres. So shut yer traps. Actually, I had a pretty mad crush on Ewan McGregor so I might have seen it anyway.


I have a guy subbing for me on June 4th (in regards to the newspaper route), because my family is going to be out of town, but there may be an issue with Friday. My brother has to be at something in Des Moines (related to one of the college scholarships he received) and we have to be there by 7:30. It takes us about two hours to get there. Which means we have to be on the road at 5.

Now, I was told that sometimes the newspaper stacks are dropped off as early as 3:30 or possibly even before. My mom has said someone could help me out in order to get the papers delivered faster.

I would like to continue to deliberate about this but I’m sure it’s incredibly dry and boring to read so I’ll move on.

+probably like 1/4th cup of chicken salad I made yesterday. That was before I delivered my newspapers. After I got home, I ate a pear.

+Rice, with some tuna, and green onion, and a slice of cheese.

+Macaroni noodles with this creamy mushroom sauce recipe out of our better homes and gardens cookbook, and I also had some lettuce with a few walnuts on it and some chopped green pepper in it.

Also I had a few gummy spiders and butterflies, and am probably going to grab a couple more. I also had a bowl of cereal today.

Seriously. I’m going to stop rambling and go put up an art blog entry for today, and then I’ll attempt to be in bed by 10. Notice how I said “attempt”. XD


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