Day 146

And yes, it’s late. As I said before, the family left very early in the morning on Friday and didn’t return until a few hours ago, in which time I took a very much needed nap.

I can recount my Friday and Saturday for you in the entry for today, but this is all the crap I ate yesterday.

It could be much worse but it still left me with that “I shouldn’t have done that” guilt like feeling.


+Half a bagel, with cream cheese. My brother had the other half.

+Half of a chicken and provelone toasted sub, with lettuce and tomato, and a little bit of ranch

+It pains me to say this, but a chicken sandwich and fries from McDonalds. And a dove ice cream bar from the gift shop/tiny snack place in the hotel.  All I looked at were the calories, so afterwards I was disturbed to learn that the ice cream bar alone had 40 percent saturated fat. I  do not eat like that every day, at all, but it just made me feel kind of bad. Also, I’ve had so little progress on the weight loss front that I’m afraid I’ll gain back a little bit of the weight and then it will be incredibly discouraging.

I have quit trying on the size 20 jeans every day because if they didn’t fit yesterday, they aren’t going to fit today. I might try them on again next week though.

Anyway, in addition to the meals, I had part of a blueberry muffin (mom didn’t want it all) and part of a bagel half, plain.

Also, it pains me to say this, but I had a small white mocha from starbucks. I didn’t buy it, my dad got it for me, but I felt really weird, because I usually stick strictly to local coffee shops. Also, I had a 12 oz chai at a local coffee place and it was AWESOME. But I can explain that to you in the entry that is technically for today, which shall be coming a little later.


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