Day 147.

I lied to you. I don’t really feel like describing my weekend so you’re just going to get a rundown of what I’ve eaten today. I did manage to take a nap that lasted for nearly two hours, but I’m still exhausted, sunburnt, and have that general “my brain is fried” vibe going on. It doesn’t lend itself well to many things, actually, except perhaps writing. Sometimes when I am in that sort of mood, my story writing is better. I do intend to add onto a Labyrinth fanfiction.

Although sometimes I think I’m in the mood to add onto it, and then I just end up reading what I have written and then closing the document because I don’t feel like writing. XD




+We didn’t really eat a proper breakfast. I didn’t eat until probably like 11 or after. I got a breakfast sandwich at the farmer’s market in Des Moines.

+We didn’t really eat a proper lunch, actually. We got home like 12:30 or so. I ate two strawberries, and two of these small light croissants we got at Target the other day. Then I went to take a two hour nap.

+Six inch subway club sandwich, with some exotic veggie chips, and a few pretzels.

Also, I had two more strawberries, one of which was covered in nutella. I’m not sure what I’m going to have now, maybe a bowl of cereal, and maybe I’ll be arsed to pull out the food processor and make some banana smoothies…

Also…My brother has two containers of yogurt in the fridge and if he doesn’t eat them soon they’re going to be mine. XD

That is all.

I’m off to go see how sunburnt my face is


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