Day 148.

Hello hello hello all, and welcome to another balmy Sunday evening.

Today began on a strange note… As you are aware I deliver newspapers, and the Sunday edition is murder to deliver. I ended up having to use three bags, which my shoulders did not like at all. My arms and shoulders are still stiff from that, actually.

It wouldn’t normally be so bad, but with all the gallavanting around Des Moines just two days and one day prior, I was utterly exhausted.

I did however have enough energy to stop by the lake on my way back home, where I picked up even more trash. I was going to keep a blog where I’d post pictures of all the trash I picked up but I haven’t updated that since April, and I really don’t know that I’ll keep using it for that. I might turn it into a food blog. I’ve been wanting to start one lately. When I say food blog I mean cooking blog. I could document my adventures in cooking.

Although… I really shouldn’t bother. Nobody at all reads any of the shit I write. I’m only talking to myself. It’ll be fun to read all these old entries when I’m old and confined in a wheelchair at the nursing home. D:

Now this blog, I can see nobody reading. It’s basically just a vehicle for me to keep track of what I eat. And actually, the art blog… It hasn’t turned out to be a “make a new piece of art every day for a year” thing. It’s turned into a “you’re lucky if I post something new three times a week” because I just can’t make a new, original, quality work of art every day. I feel kind of shitty as an artist right now

Although today has been a really bad art block day so that has not helped at all. I’m just groggy and crabby.

I love that the paper route makes me exercise every day, but I haven’t felt fully awake at all since I started. I know I could get used to it if given more time, but I miss feeling fully rested. Waking up with that feeling that I got enough sleep and I’m not going to be constantly fighting to keep myself awake.  On a hot day like today it’s even worse. All the fucking water I have to drink right now is awesome. It seems like I have to pee once every half hour, I swear.

Despite how shitty and groggy I feel right now most of my day was good. I made banana bread, did some grocery shopping with mom, and then made a bell pepper/mushroom stir fry.

I would love to go to bed after finishing this and my art blog entry but I can’t sleep in the daytime and I have over an hour until it even begins to get dark enough for me to be able to sleep.


+1 croissant, at 4:20 in the morning
+a bowl of honey graham cereal

+Small piece of steak (no bigger than my fist, I believe)
+a very small potato
+green beans with fresh oregano

+Bell pepper/mushroom stir fry side dish stuff, and I had a thin sliced beef sandwich. No condiments, although I did put a slice of cheese on it. The cheese had fewer calories than the mayo I was going to put on.

Also, I had a few pieces of banana bread, and some seedless black grapes which were a little too sour for my taste, but still good or else I wouldn’t have eaten a cereal bowl full of them.


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