Let your love flow…

I love this song. I heard it on one of our MusicChoice tv radio stations while doing dishes.

Today, it was extremely hot and humid out. It was too hot when I left the house this morning just before 5 to deliver papers. Craziness.

Tomorrow is supposed to be equally balmy so I doubt I’ll be getting out much other than the paper route.  I do want to get the rest of my garden in. I have a few onion bulbs and some seed potatoes I want to get in, but then that should be it.

I’ve been watering the garden daily since I put it in, since it’s been so hot. The cucumber plant, pumpkin plant, and the zucchini plants are looking a little sickly so hopefully they pull through. Also the marigold flowers are looking a little wilty.

But… yeah. My parents went to see the new X men movie without me.. Sadface. But. I watched part of X2 at home, just so I could drool over Nightcrawler. I totally wanted he and storm to go make a bunch of weather controlling blue babies. I know he’s all churchy and whatnot, but come on. That would have been so hot. XD

Anyway, strange attractions aside, when my parents got home they were so impressed with the new Xmen movie that we sat and watched the first one (we have it on VHS) and I forgot how damn good that movie was.

In other news, our landlord is finally going to start putting in new windows. He’s going to tear out my brother’s windows and my windows on Thursday, so that means I have to clear a bunch of shit out of my room. A lot of my stuff already got boxed up and put in the basement last month when I cleaned my room, but it’s just going to be irritating. Also, he won’t put in the new windows right away so Wednesday night is going to be pretty interesting. Especially since I keep a string of christmas lights over my windows.  I’ll have to take that shit down.

I have an irrational fear of total darkness, so that will be fun.


+2 eggs scrambled, with some chopped mushroom and green onion.

+Sandwich with thin sliced beef, and some green onion pesto I made.

+Rice mixed with some of the pesto, and then I had a turkey burger just by itself, no bread or cheese. I did dip it in a bit of steak sauce though.

I had a small piece of fudge, and two pieces of banana bread. And several small popsicles. It was seriously hot out today.  I made some banana “ice cream” which basically just consists of slicing bananas, freezing them, then sticking them in the food processor with some milk, and even though you wouldn’t need to add anything else, I like putting sorghum in it. Molasses would work too I suppose.

I put that back in the freezer so we could scoop it like ice cream, although I was tempted to devour a sizable portion of it right away.

Anyway, I’m off to do a few internet things then I’ll be in bed.


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