Day 153.

Well kids, it’s day 153, and I hate to break it to you, but I am tired and bored and I really would prefer not to spend ages writing a blog entry.

I still have my art blog to throw together… and after a small break yesterday I have descended back into art block, so I’ll be using old pictures again.

Anyway, I would like to just get on with it. Tomorrow we’re leaving for Des Moines… and then on Sunday we’re going to the gay pride parade so that should be fun. We’ll leave shortly after lunch tomorrow…


+Bowl of raisin bran extra

+Two eggs, scrambled, with some chopped mushroom/bell pepper/green onion, and some pea salad.

+Half a turkey and artichoke sandwich at Panera

Also, I had a few dried mango slices, some carob covered almonds, and some chocolate covered soy nuts. And a piece of coffee cake.

I’m off to put together my art blog entry. After that I’ll be in bed just as soon as my nails dry (I just painted them).


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