Day 154-155.

I was gone for most of yesterday and didn’t get back until not even ten minutes ago so that’s why an entry is a day late.

I’d like to skip straight into the food so I can throw together two art blog entries, because I had to delay one day of that as well.


+Half blueberry bagel with chicken salad on it

+an enchilada, chips, and guacamole.

"Dinner": Half a tenderloin and a watermelon slice. And two smirnoffs.

+two small sausage links, 1/4c scrambled eggs, a boiled egg white, two bagels, a half cup of yogurt, 1 small lemon poppyseed muffin, and a banana muffin.

An expensive ass piece of lasagna I didn't even eat half of. I put the rest in a box which I then FORGOT on the table and didn't realize it until we were headed home. I also had a cherry chocolate italian soda. Also had two garlic breads, and a tiny bit of salad bar faire. I'm not eating dinner to make up for that.

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