Day 156

I’m going to cut to the chase and just post the food. The paper route has me a little sleep deprived and I was going to go to bed fairly early, but I decided to watch a movie with mom (A Walk on the Moon; It’s seriously a fucking GREAT movie) and so basically I’ve been up longer than I intended to be already, and I still have an art blog to update.


+An egg, scrambled with some green onion and dried basil, two pieces of toast

+A morningstar farms veggie burger, on lettuce. Taco chips, with green onion pesto.
Bowl of mini shredded wheat

+5 morningstar farms veggie buffalo wings, and also more taco chips with the last little bit of the green onion pesto.

I also baked some zucchini bread I need to cut and have a piece of. I also ate a bowl of cereal today... and I should add that yesterday I ate a handful of sesame sticks and about half a cup of pea salad.

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