Day 157

Today was shit. I woke up at, what, 5am? I can’t remember. And there was all sorts of thunder and lightning going on.

Apparently it rained while I was inside packaging the papers, but when I went out to deliver them the rain had stopped. Despite the ominous gray sky the entire paper route, I didn’t get rained on.

Then the hell began. I went to bed when I got back home, slept a tiny bit. When I woke around 8, I had cramps more awful than I’ve had for quite a while.

And they lasted for four hours.




before they started to go away. It was SHIT. I did watch something interesting about how booze made America, that was interesting. And I also watched part of a show about coffee, but I was dozing on and off during that. I would have gone back up to my room but our landlord is dragging out the window work as long as possible. And I still have two windows in my room to be redone by him, and my brother has one window left to be redone. So it’ll be fun.

As I’ve said before, though, my windows were rotting out of their frames so I did need new windows.

Wonderful. My cramps are coming back. I’m going to grab my mp3 player to charge it so I’ll have something to distract myself when I finally do go to bed. Which will probably only be in an hour or two.


+A bowl of generic Life cereal.

+tuna salad, no bread, just the salad, with a couple slices of cheese and a small cup of pretzels

+A turkey burger on bread, no cheese, and some taco chips with salsa.

Also, an extra bowl of cereal, a few cheese curds, and a handful of sesame sticks.


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