Day 159.

Uh… yeah. I’m not sure what I’ve got to say about today. I was in a surprisingly good mood while delivering the papers despite only getting probably 5 hours of sleep.

I left the house again at 9 and picked up some trash around the lake. Then I checked out a dvd at the library and came home, where I’ve been the rest of the day. I caught part of this old movie called You Were Never Lovelier… and oh my god. Fred Astaire = adorable. He was too skinny but damn did he have a cute face. And I can’t even begin to describe the crimes I would commit to look like Rita Hayworth.

Anyway, then mom and I watched Nanny McPhee Returns, and before you laugh and boo me off stage, I have to say, it was pretty good.  I thought it would just be a lame sequel but it was actually pretty complex for just being a fun kids movie. Plus Ewan McGregor makes a small appearance, so… there you go. 🙂

Anyway. I don’t think I have a whole lot else to say so… yeah.


+some guacamole and some shredded chicken and salsa on a soft taco shell. I eat weird things for breakfast.

+Homemade french fries (just potato, olive oil, salt, and pepper. And a little dried basil) and some chicken, marinated in Hawaiian marinade, and cut into little chunks.

+Same thing I had for breakfast, only I had a few of the leftover french fries.

Also, I had a strawberry kiwi light and fit yogurt, and a piece of zucchini bread. And some kool aid, but I’m not sure that counts. XD Oh. I also had one little square of hersheys chocolate.


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