Day 160.

It’s day 160, and I can’t stop listening to this song.

Or watching it. I can’t have this video up while I’m trying to do something else, because I inevitably put down whatever it is I’m doing so I can stare at them transfixed.

Today was a bit of a lazy day. I wasn’t quite all there so to speak (am I ever? Lol) This morning the paper route went really well… When I biked past the lake shore, there was an old man picking up trash, and I told him it was nice to see someone other than me picking up garbage.

So, I get less than a block from home, and I realize I forgot to deliver a paper to the guy who gets them on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only. So I had to go all the way back.

I was peeved at first but then I was like, “Whatever, it’s extra exercise”.

The only thing I really did today was cook a roast. Which basically entailed cutting some carrots/celery/garlic,  throwing them in the roaster pan with a big roast, and leaving it alone for five hours.

I am paranoid about cooking meat and I tend to overcook it just to make sure it’s done. Other than being just a tad dry, the meat was pretty good.


+a bowl of cereal, with blueberries on it (fresh ones, not blueberry cereal)

+Some shredded chicken and guacamole in a soft taco shell.

+A small piece of roast, with a crescent roll. We don’t normally buy the cans of biscuit dough but it was on sale for 99 cents.

Also, I had some chocolate chips today, because this week the only real chocolate I had was one tiny square of hersheys milk chocolate. And I basically only want chocolate once a month anyway.

Also, I had a tiny chunk of chicken at 5am, to stave off my hunger until I got home from the paper route.

Anyhoo, the only other stuff I’m going to eat tonight are a few animal crackers, and some red vines.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go brainstorm ideas for tomorrow’s art blog post. 🙂


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