Day 163.

Today was a pretty good day, actually.

I got rained on the entire paper route this morning, and I didn’t really care. I rather enjoyed myself, actually. It wasn’t a torrential downpour like the other time I got rained on, so I could handle it.

I had a lot of time to myself today, which was kind of fun.  I sang loudly and danced around the house.

At around 3, I wanted to bike somewhere but didn’t want to go just to buy a soda. I decided to look for Fred Astaire movies at the library. I ended up checking out three movies with him in and one with Gene Kelly in it.

When I caught that Fred Astaire movie the other day, it kind of put me in a mood for older movies. I watched Let’s Dance today, and I just think Fred Astaire has a painfully adorable face. How can you say no to a face like that? Oh man.


I weighed myself today, not expecting a whole lot of change, but the scale read 245, when I’ve weighed 250 for ages now. I know it’s only five pounds and one or two could be water weight, but it was kind of encouraging.

Also, when I went to the library, and then to the store for soda, I wore a pair of size 20 jeans I haven’t worn outside for years. They’re still kind of snug, but not obscenely so, and they’re not painful to wear.

If I keep going at that rate, I should fit into my senior prom dress by Halloween. And if I keep on with the paper route, I should actually have some money to go to a bar or something. I would like to see if the one I used to work at is having anything, but I think the building is up for sale so I don’t know how much business they’re getting.

I haven’t worked there since 2009, but I miss it terribly. I miss the people, the kitchen, hanging after work, playing music on the jukebox… I just miss everything. It was easily my favorite real job. I know I should probably be setting higher goals for myself than being a dishwasher at a bar, but there’s something I miss about the whole thing. Also, I am kind of desperate for a job so I have to take what I can get.

But anyway.


+A bowl of kix cereal, with dark chocolate almond milk… I also threw some blueberries and sliced strawberries in. It tasted divine and it was filling.

+A few chunks of chicken on a soft shell taco, with some lettuce in as well. Also had the last of the homemade fries I made, with some cheese on top.

+A grilled cheese sandwich with spinach leaves inside, and a bowl of tomato soup made with milk, and I also threw in some dried basil and some garlic salt. I didn’t add as much liquid as you’re supposed to but that was on purpose. I didn’t want the soup too runny.

I also had a greek cookie thing, some animal crackers, and a few red vines. And a glass of Coke Zero.

I already submitted my art blog today, so I don’t have that looming over my head. I’ll probably just mess about on facebook or something before I hit the hay for the night.


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