Day 164.

Today was a pretty decent day, but I already talked about it in my art blog. I was about to go to bed, only to walk in the kitchen and see a sink full of dishes so I had to do those. THEN I came in here and was about to post one last facebook status and go to bed before I realized FUCK, I haven’t done a food blog yet. So here it is. Don’t expect any bells or whistles.

I’m tired. I was going to stay up and sketch a bit and watch youtube videos, but I just noticed how tired  I am. I enjoy delivering papers, but as a result I don’t get enough sleep. I get 6 hours of sleep a night, if I’m lucky. I’ve tried napping when I get home after the route and sometimes that works, but usually it’s too light out and there is too much noise. And I start to think about all the stuff I have to do that day and it keeps me awake.


Anyway. I’m going to get on with this so I can hopefully catch some shut eye a little sooner than I normally do.

+Bowl of cereal

+A veggie burger, a small salad with raw spinach leaves, a bit of cheese, and some croutons, some pretzels, and 3 red vines.

+A very thin slice of strip steak, and a piece of soda bread. I also had a bit of this cherry cobbler stuff that I made ages ago (it had been in the freezer for ages and we just recently got it out).

Also, I had a glass of Coke zero today, and a glass of kool aid with a little less than 3/4th cup of sugar when it calls for one cup. I’ve tried only putting half a cup of sugar in, but I can’t cut it back any further than around 3/4 of a cup or it just tastes weird.


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