Day 165.

Today was… interesting.

My brother had a beach party planned for today and a couple of his friends were going to hang out at home for a tiny bit so naturally my parents freaked out about the state of the house. This resulted in yelling at me at 7 am. And that doesn’t even count the best part.

Well, first I should say that when I got back from delivering the paper at like 6:20, my dad was in a weird mood where he acts really rude and annoying to everyone but he finds it hilarious and when I said “Dad I don’t appreciate you being so rude to me but I would appreciate it if you would stop.” he basically said “Bite me.”.

So, at like 7am, the parents had an argument about how bad I am at finding a real job… right in front of me. And saying things like “Shouldn’t her priority be getting a real job, not just a shopper route?” and the other parent replying “Well you know how good she is at finding a real job.”. While I’m in the same goddam room. So that set the tone for the day.

Then when my brother started getting things ready for his beach party, the parents were just being stupid and having arguments and stressing my brother and I out.

It was kind of rainy and gray out, but we had fun at the beach party anyway. We could have just done without the yelling and stress and all that shit.


+I had a piece of soda bread before I delivered papers, but I had a bowl of cereal afterwards at like 7am or so.

+There wasn’t really a proper lunch at the party. I had a little potato salad, several cookies, some chips, and some goldfish. And lots of Sprite. And non alcoholic margarita mix.

+Chicken, with potatoes and carrots, and some lettuce. Also, the filling for what would have been a strawberry jello pie, but we didn’t have enough time for the filling to set, so we just crushed up graham crackers in a bowl and put the filling and whipped topping on top.


I’m going to run off and see if I can post my art blog. I’ve had today’s picture ready since about 8am, but blogger is acting strange and the pictures won’t show up when I try to post them.

If I get that working, I’ll do some dishes and probably be in bed before too awfully long. I’m tired.


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