Day 166.

Uh… yeah. I don’t have a whole lot to say about today.

I cashed my first newspaper check. I bought a few small grocery items… case in point, my total was 5 bucks.

I also took the liberty of buying myself a new sketchbook and two new sharpie pens. They didn’t cost much more in town than they would have in Mason City so I don’t feel bad.

I want to set aside a little bit for the carnival which will be in town in about a week, and I also want to buy some new sunglasses. The rest will be sent in as a payment on my fine.

I’ve also been listening to nothing but Peter Gabriel today. There was a short expanse of time during delivering the paper where I listened to other things, but the remainder of the day that I was on the computer, I was looking up new Peter Gabriel songs.

I’ve fixated on this one for today.

It’s a great song, and it’s really intense.



+An egg and a half, scrambled, with some onion and a tiny bit of chicken.

+Some cucumber slices, with little pieces of farmer cheese on top

Before dinner, I ate the rest of the cucumber slices just on their own. If the cucumbers are still like 63 cents a piece at econo foods tomorrow, I’m going to get a few more. They’re usually like 99 cents each.

+Two pieces of pizza.

Then a bowl of popcorn while watching Return of the Jedi.

I also had a tall chai tea latte from cabin coffee. I had 3 bucks left on my card so I ended up only paying like a buck in cash.

I’m going to put up an art blog entry and then get in bed a tad early… so when I lie in bed for 20 minutes and listen to music/text people, it won’t be so bad. XD


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