Day 167

I have had this song stuck in my head for hours.

I am tempted to apologize for forcing this this Peter Gabriel overload upon you, but… I’m not sorry at all. I’m actually quite amazed as to why I didn’t pay attention to his music before. I can’t stress enough how long it’s been since an artist has inspired me so much.

But anyway. I’ve already done a fair amount of rambling all around the internet so I don’t really feel like going on and on here.

+Some goldfish at 5am, before my paper route.
+After I got home I had a small bowl of lucky charms.

+slices of cucumber, with tiny pieces of farmer cheese

+A sandwich with half a 90 calorie pack of thin sliced beef, some sliced cucumbers, and farmer cheese. With that, I ate... cucumber slices. I'm in a very cucumber mood right now in terms of what I want to eat.

Over the course of the day, I had a couple of these caramels that are like the cow tails candy, but not the tails.
I also had a few blueberry licorice strands. And a bar.


Also, I’d like to direct you to my art blog.

If you’d be so kind as to give it a look I would be ever so grateful.

Now, I’m off to listen to Peter Gabriel on youtube until I decide it’s time to pass out in bed.


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