Day 169.

I wasn’t home much today. I got up at 4:30 or so to deliver newspapers, then we sat around for a few hours. Then my mother, brother, and I went to Medford, MN to shop. We usually shop there once or twice a year, so it’s an all day thing.

Claires was having an amazing sale on red ticket items so… get this. I got two slouchy knit hats, a pair of lacey fingerless gloves, and a multipack of 12 pairs of earrings for 11 dollars total. Eleven fricking dollars. Normally the gloves alone would be 7, and the earring multipack would be at least 10. And each of the hats could have easily cleared 8-9 bucks. So it was awesome.

Also, I bought two sweet pea scented shampoos at Bath & Body Works (they were on sale for 3 bucks a piece). At Rue 21, I got this 2 dollar novelty rubber cuff bracelet that says “Adonis DNA”. I burst out laughing at least three different times in the store while I was carrying the bracelet around, debating on whether or not I should buy it.

Mom rolled her eyes when she saw it, but I like it dammit.

Also I got my birthday present early. It’s a tan trenchcoat from Old Navy. It was 17 bucks. I only brought 40 with me. I liked it a lot but the price was just… 17 bucks isn’t a bad deal for a trench but I have so little money. My brother offered to buy it, and then mom stepped in.. and basically it’s my birthday present.

The weather probably won’t allow me to wear the coat until after my birthday anyway.

The one let down of the day was… the Harry & Davids store was gone.

Also, I was mad, because the mandolin slicers at the kitchen store were too expensive. I almost bought a ten dollar mortar and pestle… but the only thing I could think of that I need it for would be to crack peppercorns. There are lots of other things you can do with it, but I decided against it this time. Most of my time in that store was lamenting about not being able to buy the frickin 200 dollar kitchenaid mixers. I WANT ONE. One with flames painted on it like Alton Brown has. XD

Anyway. I suppose I should get to the food. I still have an art blog entry to throw together.


+A waffle, with a little syrup, a few strawberries, and some blueberries, with a dollop of whipped topping.

+We were shopping, so for lunch I had a few mini donuts and a few swigs of orange soda.

+We ate at a restaurant… I had half a southwest chicken wrap, and some fries. I saved half my sandwich to eat for lunch tomorrow.

Also, I had a couple pieces of salt water taffy, and a bite or two of a strawberry creme filled chocolate heart. Not bad when you consider I biked this morning for the paper route lugging around a legit 30+ pounds of Sunday paper, and then I walked around all day shopping.


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