Day 170.

Well, today has been quite an interesting day. Interesting in that it’s been pretty normal. But, hey. Sometimes normal can be interesting.

Can you tell I’ve been reading a book? I usually feel more eloquent when I’ve been reading. It’s a cute mystery book from 1975 (wait… can a mystery book be cute? Whatever) and it’s pretty enthralling. I may have to look up other such books by the author, whose name escapes me at the moment. And I’m too lazy to go get the book from the other room.

Anyway. I ate breakfast at 5am, deciding that I would just eat lunch early as a result. The paper route went off without a hitch, save for listening to Cee Lo Green’s “F**k you” a million times. It’s such a catchy song. I’d love terribly to go on a kareoke date with that man. It would be so damn awesome.

I see I’ve gone off on a tangent again. The paper route. Without a hitch. As I said, I ate lunch early, about 11 (I usually eat at noon or after). Did some dishes. We’ve got a big PFLAG to do to worry about. We picked this month’s meeting to bring snacks, but they’re having a speaker that’s expected to bring about quite a large crowd. In short, I think my mom made two different kinds of bars, some chex mix, and some lemonade. I made oatmeal cookies and frosted them with homemade buttercream frosting.

They were supposed to be sandwich cookies, but as it is we’re expecting a bunch of people, and having to make double the cookies would be a bit of a strain. Not just on me because I’d have to make extra, but on my parents, who paid for all the ingredients.

The buttercream frosting was supposed to have cinnamon in it, but I forgot to put that in, so I figure… they can do without. Or I can always bring the cinnamon when we head to the meeting and sprinkle it on last minute.

Anyway. I had the cookies and the frosting made up a couple days ago, but I waited until today to go about actually frosting the cookies.

I just realized how often I am tempted to use the word “anyway”. I should perhaps try to curb that.

And the swearing. I swear far too much, but I’m afraid that’s one of those bad habits that people will just have to learn to tolerate if they want to be friends with me.

Moving on, then. I have a terrible habit of droning on and on.

+A small piece of cheese and part of a 90 calorie package of thin sliced beef.

Four salt water taffy pieces

+My half southwest chicken wrap left over from the restaurant, along with some restaurant chips.

+A grilled cheese with a bit of roast meat inside. Also a few cucumber slices, and a piece of molasses cake.

I also had a cookie and a piece of chocolate candy...

I do apologize for the weird tiny font when it comes to the food, but I’ve taken to journaling in a notepad document throughout the day, then I just copy/paste it into the wordpress journal window. Laziness. The big L, my dad would call it.

Anyway, I do suppose I should log off and put some makeup on, even though we may not leave the house until 6:30.  Usually, when it comes to being to something on time, my mother and I are rushing about the house, and I figure if I get some of that done ahead of time, we won’t have to freak out when it comes time to head to the meeting.


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