Day 174.

Today has been fun, albeit in a slight sleep stupor. I stayed up until 12:30 last night seeing an amazing tribute band called Arch Allies, and then it was so hot it took me ages to fall asleep.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes just enough sleep deprivation can be kind of amusing, but combined with the heat, it was just killer.

I am glad to have the heat, however. It finally feels like summer, and I want to soak up as much of that feeling as I can so I can use it to get me through the cold winter months (bleh, I don’t want to start thinking about that shit yet. It’s only July 1st).

A funny thing, though. The summer always goes way too fast, and after each summer, I think “Next year will be different, I will spend every waking moment outside, and I will live it up, etc etc etc” and then… in the blink of an eye, half the next summer is gone.

I am going to do my best to appreciate the rest of the summer. I did learn something today, though. I would like to live in a place like California where it doesn’t really get cold. Although… I have a feeling I would dig it for a year or two, but then I’d probably miss the old cycle of the seasons.

The summer is awesome and when it gets to be around August, I start dreading the dreary cold months to come, and I wish the summer could go on, but… if we didn’t have to get through winter and spring, I don’t think summer would be as amazing.

But I’m too tired for philosophical banter of that nature, so I’m going to move on.


+Two eggs, scrambled, with a tiny bit of chicken, and some green onion.

+A small chunk of chicken, and a bowl of watermelon.

+A chicken sandwich. Normally, I would be against eating the same poultry three meals in a single day, but we don’t often have chicken hanging out in the fridge, so I didn’t mind. It’s not like I’m going to overload on chicken tomorrow, either.

Also today, I had some cotton candy and a sno cone today. And a few veggie chips, and six pieces of salt water taffy. Oh, and I had another bowl of watermelon. I could eat that stuff every day, I swear.

Given the amount of exercise I got last night and today, I don’t feel bad about the taffy.


Day 173

So sorry about the late entry. I got home way, way later than I intended last night.


+A bowl of cereal, I believe.


+A chicken sandwich on bagel thins.

+ Two slices of artisan bread with mushroom spread, cheese, and a little bit of chicken on top.

Also, I had two blueberry twizzler type things, a piece of molasses cake, and probably a few pieces of salt water taffy.