Day 175.

Today was another one of those strange days. I don’t know. I was awake for like the first half of the day, then I was just groggy.

My mom, me, and a friend of ours (and my brother’s, mainly) did a bit of shopping. We stopped at a coffee shop where I had a raspberry chai tea latte, but I was still tired after that. I’m probably just dehydrated. It’s a weird feeling, though. Being so tired you could just fall asleep on a bench in the mall…

I have diet mountain dew now so it’s all good.

It was weird that yesterday was ungodly hot and that was the day I was out and about all day. Whereas today it was actually a manageable temperature but I sat on my ass at home all day.

I just need to get a little more sleep, and drink more water.

Tomorrow I have to deliver the great big Sunday papers, and I’m NOT looking forward to that. What I am looking forward to is July 4th, because no paper will be published. I plan on staying up ungodly late tomorrow night as a result. If I can make it till 1 or 2am, I’m totally going to. I hardly ever have a chance to stay up late, so I’m going to take advantage.

I’m trying to get on getting my blog entries put up. Despicable Me is on HBO tonight, which mom and I are going to watch. I figure, if I can get both my blogs written before that, after the movie I can just hop straight in bed.

I get sick of going to bed early, but I pay for it if I stay up any later than 10pm anymore…



+At 5am, I had a few veggie chips, a slice of cheese, and some cotton candy. Then at like, 8 or 9 I had a bowl of cereal.

Then I didn’t eat anything until lunch.

+I had a turkey burger and a few potato chips.

+A hot dog, with a few chips.

Also, I had three pieces of salt water taffy, and a godiva mint chocolate truffle. And two bars. Oh. I also had a bowl of watermelon. I’m going to have another, because watermelon isn’t bad for you at all.


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