Day 182, in which I listen to copious amounts of A-ha and dread the coming Sunday.

It’s true. I hate Sunday mornings.

Well, I should be more specific.

From 5 in the morning until about 6:20, I hate Sundays.  Delivering the Sunday paper is one of those events that I dread all week but that isn’t all that bad once you’re actually doing it.

There are two sections I have to put together before I package up each paper, so it does take a bit more time. And even though the Sunday paper weighs at least four times more than the paper on any other day, once I’m done I always think “Why was I dreading this so much? It’s not THAT  bad.”

That being said, I’m glad I already submitted my art blog and I’m nearly done with this one. That leaves me free to get to bed a tad early. Unless of course our shit for brains landlord decides to pound around on the outside of the house all evening. Whatever. He’ll probably be gone by 9pm, which is the earliest I would be in bed anyway.

Still. I suppose if I didn’t dread delivering the Sunday paper, the rest of Sunday wouldn’t be so damn enjoyable. It’s a great feeling, when I roll in the driveway on my bike, thinking “FUCK YES, I DON’T HAVE TO DELIVER HEAVY ASS PAPERS FOR A WEEK”.

As far as the A-ha mention in my title, I’ve been meaning to look up more songs by them. Terribly underrated here in the States, but then, that seems to be my market. Any artist/band from another country that only has one or two hits in the US, I seem to go nuts for. Thomas Dolby, The Proclaimers, Icehouse, and A-ha are just a few examples. I do that so much I feel like I was made for it. Like I was made to listen to bands that didn’t get the attention they deserved stateside.

Whatever. It’s a nice niche and I enjoy it enough, I just wish I had more people to be all fangirly with. I mean, to put it in perspective, when I feel like fangirling out over Paul McCartney, there way more little Paul obsessees to talk to than people who obsess over Thomas Dolby.

There are cases like mine in which I introduce best friends of mine to stuff and to an extent they end up falling for it too.

I could go on but I don’t really feel like it. I’ve got a picture to work on, and I feel like I have another two hour Sims 2 playing binge in me, so I’d like to get to that.


+An empty soft taco shell at 5am.
I had my real breakfast around 7ish. I had a bowl of chex with some fresh chopped berries on top (a few blackberries, a few cherries, and two strawberries) and a little honey drizzled on top... because we were out of normal milk and all we had left was this nasty original flavor almond milk. The vanilla, chocolate, and dark chocolate varieties are very good but the plain almond milk is gross. I was trying to make a good decision last time by picking out the kind that had the least amount of sugar, but... I can't do the plain almond milk again. Grody.

+Some taco chips and salsa. A sandwich with one piece of bread folded over, with a tiny bit of tuna salad, a tomato slice, and some lettuce.

+A few chips and salsa, and a bratwurst.
I also had a few baby carrots and peanut butter made from a powdered mix and water. It's surprisingly good. I'd use it for recipes and maybe the peanut butter in PB&Js, but as far as dipping celery or carrot sticks in, I like my normal peanut butter.

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