Day 183, in which I listen to more A-ha and a random Cambodian song.

Well, technically a remix of an old Khmer song, but holy shit.

I watch someone on deviantart who posted the art that you see in that video, so out of curiosity I clicked on the youtube link and was instantly hooked. Seriously, go watch it. It doesn’t have nearly enough views or favorites.

Also… I’m on something of an A-ha binge and am only mad at the US for basically only paying attention to “Take on me” and then ignoring everything else.

A-ha are fucking amazing, and have joined the ranks of my favorite foreign bands that the States didn’t pay enough attention to. Of course, they retired after their 2010 album. It’s just like me to get into an artist right after they retire… or die.

Now, I feel like I have to post a song by A-ha.

You’re welcome. Oh, with a voice like that I couldn’t care less what Morten Harket looks like, but it just so happens that he’s a fucking gorgeous man who aged insanely well. I present to you exhibit A.

Is it possible to miss the 80s when you weren’t born yet and then were too young to remember them? Sigh.

But I digress. It’s been insanely hot out and I’ve done little more than sit on my ass in front of the computer. I did manage to control my impulsive that-time-of-the-month snacking, so I consider it a victory.

It thankfully didn’t rain on me this morning while I was out delivering papers, so there’s that. However, once I got home and had taken a bath, I got to enjoy almost four solid hours of really terrible cramping. Combine that with having no energy and it being so fucking hot out… I’m lucky I did the dishes today.  I’m pretty sure I’ve drunk an entire sumo wrestler’s weight in water today.

Which is good for me. It’s just a bitch when it seems you have to pee every half hour, on the hour.

I should move on. I spent most of today in a less than half awake heat stupor and I can’t even think of how to properly finish this sentence.

+I had a few veggie chips this morning at 5am. I got home at 6:45 because I was slow delivering papers. Usually I’m  home by like… 6:15. I took a bath and then by 7 I had terrible cramps. I laid in bed for a couple hours. When I got up, I ate a piece of cinnamon coffee cake that mom made.

+A turkey burger, and some leftover homemade fries.

+A few paper thin strips of steak, some baby carrots, a bit of lettuce, and some homemade potato salad. We just need to make that shit in giant batches because I can bet you right now there will only be like half a cup of it left by tomorrow.

Also, I had some marshmallows, a chocolate granola bar, a real fruit popsicle, and an empty soft taco shell.  I believe that’s it.

Even though I feel all bloated and water-weighty, I weighed myself today and I am still at 245 exactly. I figure it’s only a little while before the scale starts reading 240. I give it a few days.

I keep thinking I won’t lose enough weight to fit into my senior prom dress by Halloween, but if I keep going at this rate, I should be able to. Fuck’s sake. That’s over 3 months away.

Anyway, I’m going to do some last minute fucking around on facebook, and then I’ll be getting to bed. I feel like I still haven’t repaid my sleep debt from my previous few nights of terrible sleep.