Day 185. A-ha binge, day 4.

I can’t get enough of this band right now.

I would apologize for the loads of A-ha spam but…I’m not sorry at all. XD

Here. Have another one.

Morten Harket just has such a unique voice. He’s got this amazing rumbly low register, and completely immaculate falsetto.  It’s incredible.

But… yeah. Today was not a whole lot to write home about. I was in a surprisingly good mood on the paper route this morning. I was afraid it would rain but it didn’t until I got home, which was nice.

I didn’t really do much today. I just felt weird and not quite like myself, which is pretty common for this time of the month. It’s waning, though, so in a couple days I should be back to normal.

Well, as close as I get, anyway.

I was going to bike somewhere today but that didn’t happen. Mom and I went to a few stores and to the farmer’s market, where we got a zucchini, a big 50 cent bag of fresh basil, and something else that I’ve already forgotten.

Tomorrow for lunch I’m going to make miniature veggie pizzas because we also have pizza crust mix, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese, so those should be tasty. I should get a green pepper. I’ll have to scrounge up some change for one. They’re pretty cheap at the local grocery store.

I made guacamole today, and actually used lime juice. Usually we only have lemon juice, but we actually had a lime to use, so that was fun. It was tasty.

Anyway, I should probably get on with it.

+I had a few marshmallows at 5am. After the paper route, I came home and had a bowl of cheerios.

+A cheeseburger, and some chex mix. And a few baby carrots.

+Taco chips, with some refried beans. And guacamole.

I also had some chocolate chips (damn “that time of the month” cravings), a few more marshmallows, a handful of potato chips, and two apples. One dipped in a bit of whipped topping.

I’m pleasantly satisfied right now so I doubt I’ll be eating anything else tonight.  Might make some more kool aid though. XD I’m addicted to that stuff.

Anyhoo, I have an art blog to put together and some more A-ha to listen to.

Spammy spammy spam spam. SPAMMITY SPAM


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