Day 186.

Most of today, I was in a great mood. I’d had a bunch of coffee, and I think I had a manic episode, so I was hyper and bouncing off the walls. I also biked to the library today, and made mini veggie pizzas that were a big hit.

It’s only a couple hours ago I got into this inexplicable depressed mood swing. I really only get depressed during that time of the month. Most of the time I’m just in an all around better mood. It might have to do with the exercise I get due to my paper route. I like being happier all around, but when the depressed spells hit, it seems like they’re worse. They remind me that I do maybe have a problem.

It’s not much of a problem most of the time, but like I said, when it hits… it hits. The difference is now I know these are temporary spells and I just have to wait them out.
There was a time when this shit felt like it would last forever and it would just suck the life right out of me.

Anyway, I’m going to wind down for the night and then hop in bed, so I’ll talk to you guys later.



+A piece of raspberry cobbler at 5am. It fit in a tiny dessert bowl.
When I got home, I had some oatmeal with half a chopped plum that was not ripe at all.  I put some honey on my oatmeal to make it more palatable.

+A mini veggie pizza (it fit comfortably on a saucer), with fresh basil, mozzerella, zucchini, carrot, and mushroom. And of course pizza sauce that was actually pasta sauce.

+Some guacamole, and some hummus, on taco chips.

Also today, I had some marshmallows, a graham cracker with homemade buttercream frosting on it, a carrot, and I believe that’s it. Oh. I should mention that I had some chex mix yesterday after I wrote my blog.