Day 188, which is late due to a concert.

Yeah. Last night, I went to a concert. Are you familiar with the band The Guess Who? Their lead singer played at the Surf Ballroom last night. Because my dad knows people at the radio station he djs most Saturdays for, we got on the guest list and got in free.

Brian Wilson is playing at the Surf at the end of the month and my dad said he could get on the guest list for that as well if he wanted. I think I’m going to ask him to. My first musical memory and one of my first memories ever is of a Beach Boys song. Ticket prices for that are pretty steep, I think 40 bucks at the door, but if my dad can get on the guest list and we can get in free, then why not.

In September, in Minnesota, Craig Ferguson is doing a stand up show, and I want to go to that. I think it’s like 50 bucks a ticket, but it’s fucking Craig Ferguson.  I have never been to a stand up comedy show, EVER, so who better to lose my stand up virginity to than Craig? XD

If I got a ticket, I would have to figure out how I would get there, since I can’t drive. I’m thinking intense parental bribery could have some successful results. Or I could just tell mom that she could go shopping up there.

I’ll worry about that when and if it happens. I don’t really make the kind of money where I can afford a 50 dollar ticket, so next time I get paid I’ll have to think about that for a while. Craig is pretty popular and I don’t think he’s going anywhere any time soon, so I would probably have another chance to see him, but… that’s only probably.


Anyway. I have shit to do so I need to get this submitted.

+A small cinnamon roll at 5am
Some bing cherries
A bowl of cocoa krispies

A skinny cow chocolate crisp thing
+Some leftover stir fry stuff I made earlier in the week.

A bowl of corn pops

+two eggs, scrambled, with mushroom, bell pepper, onion, and a serving size of grated parmesan cheese.

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