Day 189, in which I seriously consider renting our house out as a sauna.

Let me rephrase that: It’s god damn hot out.

Now, I would rather have to deal with this than bitterly cold winter temperatures, but damn.

Today was a relatively good day. Our landlord is an idiot, though. There’s a major heatwave across a large portion of the country that isn’t supposed to break until at least Thursday… and he was outside working on the damn house. What the fuck. The hottest week of the year, and you’re working on the goddam house? He’s left our house in a state of half finished-ness for months and months at a time, why is he in such a fucking hurry to get that shit done now?

He took the scaffolding down so he’ll be done for a while, but honestly. The front of our house is blue, and two sides are yellow. It looks *great*.

I blame the heat for my crabbiness. Really, for most of today I was in a good mood. This morning I was going through the clothes all over my bedroom floor, and blaring my cassette copy of the album “Hunting High and Low” by A-ha… and that’s when the landlord showed up. He usually plays shit country music, so I purposely kept my music loud. I  listened to the album twice in a row before finally going downstairs. XD

Basically, because of the heat, hardly anybody did anything in the house. Right before 3 or so, mom and I went to Mason City to escape the heat. We gallivanted around in the mall and different stores for three hours straight. We also split a tenderloin sandwich at the Hy-Vee deli.

Still, like I said. I would rather be dealing with this summer heat than winter cold. I’m trying to store this feeling away in my mental filing cabinets so I can bring it out to warm me up during the winter. I know it’s only mid July, but I’m already starting to get depressed at the thought of all the plants and stuff dying off when it gets cold. The first killing frost isn’t until like… October some time. So I have a little while before I’ve got to worry about that, but… It’s so uplifting when the world starts coming back to life in March/April that it’s really soul crushing when the world starts going back into hibernation in the late fall.

Anyway, I still have an art blog to pretend to give a shit about so let’s get on with this so I can eat some gummy worms.


+Some thin sliced ham at 5am, while packaging the Sunday papers.
+A bowl of corn pops, after the paper route.

+ Whole wheat pasta with basil parmesan pesto.

+Half a tenderloin sandwich at Hy-Vee. When I got home from shopping, I had more pasta with basil pesto.

Also today, I split a box of mike & ikes with mom and I had a piece of failed jello strawberry pie with graham cracker crust (the jello didn’t set up right for some reason).

Now if you’ll excuse me. I have to pull an art blog entry out of thin air.