Day 191, in which I visit my grandparents and which we damn near sweat to death.

Today was another damn scorcher. It was already at least 80 degrees when I got up this morning. And I got up at 4:45. I woke up and my sheets were damp. It felt gross.

I took a bath right when I got home from the paper route. Mom and I spent the day at grandma’s house. It wasn’t a super great day for food, but it wasn’t terrible.

+Some hummus and a few taco chips before the paper route.

+a chicken bacon sandwich with a few fries

+A sandwich with thin sliced meat, a spoonful each of pea salad and egg salad, and some lettuce with french dressing.

Also, I had a couple small cookies, three bars, a cup of black raspberry frozen yogurt, a few gummy sharks and swedish fish, and a skinny cow brand chocolate thing.

So… not great. But it could have been a lot worse.

This heat is just ridiculous. I am literally dripping sweat. It’s disgusting.

I have an art blog to put together, then I’m going to go pass out in bed.