Day 192, in which I spend most of the day out again.

It’s true. I spent most of the day out and about.

My brother was at this camp thinger for a few days, and today my mom and I went to Des Moines to pick him up. The morning was a little iffy because mom was bitchy and stressed, but the day got better.

We drove around a bit and went to a few stores. The high-ish heeled flip flop type shoes or whatever that I decided to wear were beginning to bother me. While waiting for my brother and mom in a store, I had a random thought like “Oh, it would suck if one of my shoes broke, I don’t have any others with me”.

So wouldn’t you know what happened when we got into Designer Shoe Warehouse? One of my shoes broke. The strap just broke clean off.

I threw the shoes away. As convenient as it sounds to have a shoe break in a shoe store, we didn’t find any cheap shoes that fit me in there. About that time we decided to eat. We chose P.F. Chang which I’d never been to before. I liked it a lot. The atmosphere was great, and so was the food. I had a cup of hot and sour soup, and some shrimp on brown rice. I brought half the shrimp/rice home.

We went into Shoe Carnival, where we found this adorable tall wedges for 10 bucks, so mom got me those. We went into a party store, and had a great time trying on glasses, wigs, and the like. I even danced around, because the shoes were comfy.

After a while, they started to kill my feet, but for shoes that high, I was surprised how long it took them to hurt my feet. I probably won’t wear them for a day or two if I have any sort of walking to do, but they’re really awesome.

Then, we went into this little swanky European chocolate place and split an order of coffee gelato, and an iced chai tea. There was an adorable Asian man working, and he spoke in adorable broken English. I could have married him right then and there. XD

But yeah. All in all, the day was fun.

I re-read my favorite manga ever, Dramacon. I fall in love with those three mangas every damn time I read them. Svetlana Chmakova is a genius. I need to get other stuff by her.


+A thin sliced turkey sandwich at 5am.

+A cup of hot and sour soup, and half an order of shrimp/rice. Then the three of us shared a large cup of coffee gelato, and an iced chai tea.

+The other half of my P.F. Chang food, and a bowl of watermelon.

Also today, I had a few swedish fish, and a gummy shark.

Anyway, I’m going to get an art blog thrown together and then I’m going to probably hop in bed. I’ve had a fun but exhausting day.

Oh, I almost forgot. I got paid today. The check is for 95 bucks. I have to cash it at Econo foods because I don’t have a bank account, but that will be good. I’ll pay mom back for the shoes she bought me, send in a fine payment, and all that jazz. I might splurge for another prismacolor marker or two the next time I make it to Hobby Lobby. I have one skin toned prismacolor and it’s amazing. They’re a bit expensive, though, so I might only get a couple if they’re on sale.

Anyhoo, you all have a good evening.


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