Day 194, in which I spend a little money and make fantastic scrambled eggs.

You heard me.

Today had an awesome beginning. Mainly, I overslept. I usually get myself up at 5am to deliver papers. This morning I woke up at 5:30. I panicked a little and was rushing around, but I was done delivering my papers and was halfway home before the deadline of 6:30, so that was good. I might let myself sleep in a little bit, though, since I know I can still have everything delivered on time if I get up late.

So, today I decided to get an application for the Cookies, Etc that is not even a mile from my house. Since they serve a little coffee and some cinnamon rolls I figured they’d be open pretty early. I left my house at like 8 something. I get there, they’re not open. So I figure they open at 9. I got some coffee from Cabin Coffee, which was open, luckily.

I read a manga I checked out from the library, then at just after 9, I tried again. Closed. It was of course then that I noticed the hours printed on their window. They didn’t open until 10. So, I went around and wasted some time. I bought two avocados at Econo, then I noticed they have a bunch of gift cards to random stores, and I bought a 25 dollar prepaid visa card.

I decided to do that as a reward for myself for not buying tickets to see Craig Ferguson stand up. I really want to see him, but the tickets are fifty bucks, and that’s not even including getting there, and any money we’d spend once we got there.

I ordered a cd and a dvd from Used. I’m getting the soundtrack to Gate to the Mind’s Eye, and a dvd of an adorable old Fred Astaire movie called “You were never lovelier”. Rita Hayworth is also in it. I caught the movie on some classic movie channel one day about a month ago, and I fell in love.

The best part is, because both the cd and dvd were used, including shipping my order was only about 9 bucks. The rest of the money on the card (which can literally be used anywhere a visa card can) will probably be spent on art supplies at Hobby Lobby, the next time I get over to Mason. I want to buy a white gel pen, and a couple more expensive ass prismacolor markers. I have a light peach skin toned marker, I want to get a color for a darker skin tone, and a light blue one for sky. If they’re on sale, I might also get a basic color like red or green. Something I’ll use a lot.

I need to call the people I will be making fine payments to. There is a code I need to have to send with all my payments, and then there will be at least 25 bucks sent to them.


Anyway, it’s really fucking hot over by this computer so I’m going to speed things along and get the fuck out of here.


+ a turkey lunchmeat sandwich on sandwich thins.

+I had half a chocolate muffin at 11 or so. For my actual lunch, I had some guacamole with taco chips, and a half cup of cottage cheese.

+Some kick ass scrambled eggs with baby portobello mushrooms and red bell pepper. A little bit of chopped onion was in there too. I also had a piece of toast and little less than half a cup of cottage cheese.

Also, since I hardly ever have anything from a coffee place I figure I should include these. This morning I bought myself a tall iced latte. Then, my brother bought me an iced chai tea. Those gave me quite the caffeine high that lasted several hours. I shared half the chocolate muffin I got with him, since I felt bad that he bought me a coffee.

Also, I had a few blue raspberry flavored licorice strands. I’ll probably grab a couple more of those, and then a jr. sized fudge bar (they’re like half the size of the normal ones, it’s pretty sweet) but that should be it as far as food consumption goes.


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