Day 195, in which my knees hate me.

My knees are killing me right now. I’m not sure what I did but they’ve been hurting way more than normal the past couple of days. The paper route this morning sucked, and tomorrow I have to deliver the huge ass Sunday papers so that will be awesome.  😐

Actually, as I’ve told you before, the Sunday paper is one of those things that I dread so much beforehand but that never ends up being as bad as I anticipate.

I walked to the library with mom today… which I’m sure isn’t helping. It was fun. I bought a honey angel (instead of a honey bear) at the pitifully small Clear Lake farmer’s market. Seriously. It’s like four different stands of stuff, and that’s it. I don’t really know why they bother having a farmer’s market at all, actually. The one in Mason City is much better, but even that one isn’t as good as it used to be. Oh well. At least we have one.

Okay. So…

Whenever I do dishes or cook anything, I listen to Duran Duran’s Red Carpet Massacre, and damn, that album is amazing. Back when I first got it, I only listened to three songs on it and ignored the rest. I tried listening to them but I didn’t damn like them.

It wasn’t until earlier this year when my Duran Duran interest was renewed that I started listening to the entire thing. I’m not sure why I didn’t like it before but now it’s one of my legit favorite albums. I need to buy DD’s most recent album. I might ask for it for Christmas. I’m not sure.

I recently ordered a cd and a dvd from, and I just noticed that the cd has been shipped. The earliest I’d get it is late next week, but it could take until August 12th to get here. I seriously doubt that it won’t get here until August. Well. I hope it won’t anyway. It’s the soundtrack to Gate to the Mind’s Eye, an album only super hardcore fans of Thomas Dolby have even heard of.

I also bought an adorable Fred Astaire movie called “You were never lovelier”. That one hasn’t been shipped yet, sadly. I used up just about 9 bucks on my 25 dollar prepaid Visa card. I know I at least want to get to Hobby Lobby to buy a white gel pen. As for the rest of that card, I’m not entirely sure what I want to buy. I might order a couple more things on amazon, or I might splurge on some expensive prismacolor markers if they’re on sale. I haven’t decided yet, but my prepaid Visa doesn’t expire for like eight years, so it’s not like I have to decide right away.

Now, as much as I hate to admit it, I haven’t made anything for today’s art blog post, so I should probably rush off and do that.

+a half cup of cottage cheese at 5am. When I got back from the paper route, I had a bowl of frosted mini wheats.

+A lunchmeat sandwich, with some taco chips/guacamole

+I was raiding the fridge for stuff that needed to be used up... so I cooked up some mushrooms, sliced zucchini, carrots, onion, and garlic in olive oil with some Italian seasoning. When it had cooled down I put the stuff in the food processor and processed it. Then I put it on some cooked pasta, and it was delicious. 

Also today, I had like four wheat thins, a few veggie chips, a granola bar, and a jr fudge bar. And two blue raspberry licorice strands. Dad is cutting up some watermelon right now so I'm going to have a bowl of that, too, but probably not much else. I'm feeling kind of guilty for today because I didn't do that well. After the food has settled I'm going to go up to my room to do some ab workouts, since dad is home and in front of the tv, and I don't like exercising in front of people.



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