Day 199.

Tomorrow we hit the big 2-0-0. Tomorrow will mark my 200th day of daily blogging. It’s actually the 209th day of the year tomorrow, but that’s still crazy.  Where has this year gone?

This is really the longest I’ve stayed with a project. I will probably continue to food journal after my 365 days are up, but I probably won’t post it online. I do still want to keep track but I don’t know that I’ll need to publish it.


+A half cup of generic goldfish crackers (they were chikadees, from Target) at 5am. After about 7:30 or so I had some cereal

+A bit of strip steak, some hash browns, and an ear of corn.

+A lunchmeat sandwich and an ear of corn (which I put a bit of butter on and sprinkled chili powder over. It was really awesome). And a small cucumber with no salad dressing.


Also, I had a few sour gummy worms, some marshmallows, a bowl of watermelon, and some blueberries. And a few more generic goldfish crackers.

I think that’s it. I probably won’t eat anything else tonight but if I do I’ll be sure to include it in tomorrow’s entry.


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