Day 200!

That’s right, kids. It’s my 200th day of daily blogging, and I must say… it’s been weird. I am not used to keeping up something quite that long. Only 164 more days of this being a food blog. Then it’ll probably go back to being a life blog I randomly post my thoughts in.

I’m not doing anything special or flashy for the 200th food journal post. In fact, I’m barely going to say anything at all. I have dishes to do and I’d like to get those over with so I can just piss around online until I go to bed.


+ two slices of thin lunchmeat at 5am. When I got home, I had an english muffin. Half of it had honey on it, half had that low fat cream cheese stuff.

+Two eggs scrambled with some chopped onion, and chopped green pepper. And a slice of cheese. And a half cup of cottage cheese.

+A morningstar farms spicy black bean burger with cheese and sour cream. On the side I had some broccoli and ranch dressing… half of which was fat free, half of which was regular.

Also, I had a cup of pudding with fresh blueberries… and we were out of graham crackers, so I sprinkled a few pieces of generic honey combs cereal on it. Also earlier I had some popcorn and this dip we make that is peanut butter and syrup mixed together. It sounds disgusting but it’s really tasty.

I’m pretty sure that’s all I had. I probably won’t eat anything else tonight, except maybe some watermelon if I get the munchies before bed. Considering the fact that it’s 7:30 at night and I’m usually in bed by 9:30 or so… I probably won’t have any.


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