Day 203.

Today was err… interesting. If you haven’t heard, my bike is having problems (back tire is crooked, and the inner tube popped) and I was having issues because mom didn’t want me to ride her bike and the other two bikes we have are far too tall for me.

Well, she was up when I got up this morning and she gave me permission to use her bike. I’d say that took a weight off my shoulders, but the Sunday papers are massive, so it didn’t really. They legit weigh at least 30 pounds.  I usually put the majority of the papers in two bags, and then the last five or six that won’t fit in a little backpack satchel thingy. I weighed one of the large bags once and it was 20 pounds.

My shoulders actually still hurt, and I have a friction burn on my right shoulder. Fun shit. I mean, a lot of people have worked harder and longer than I have today… I’m not trying to outdo anybody.

Tomorrow dad is apparently going to take my bike into the bike shop and have it looked at. I hope it’s not too expensive to fix because I’m strapped for cash right now. All I have left of my last paycheck is enough to send in a fine payment.

Still. My bicycle is pretty much my only mode of transportation, so it is important that it works. My mother has to remind me that “Your car still works if you’d get your license back blahblahblahblahblah” but even if I had a car I wouldn’t drive the route. Defeats the purpose of using the route as a form of EXERCISE.

I was going to get a can of soda after I was done with the route but I was 5 cents short. Booo.

Anyway, the rest of the day was decent. My mother, brother, and myself did a bit of shopping. Browsed around the mall, Hy-Vee, Target, and Aldis, and we had more fun than we should have.

It got really hot later in the day. That I could have done without, but oh well. Better that than -30 degree temps.



+A piece of cornbread at 5am. 
I had a cinnamon roll when I got home from the paper route.

+Leftover eggplant parmesan, and a piece of cornbread. 
And a little bit of cottage cheese.

+A personal size pizza

I also had this really good like... cookie cake thing from hy-vee 
(it was a single serving thing), and a package of fruit snacks. 
And a few cola gummies.

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