Day 204.

I discovered how much it’s going to cost to fix my bike; 80 bucks. EIGHTY. I only make up to 95 a month. That’ll be great.

I wasn’t there but my dad told me the repair guy said it could have been a number of things but weight could have been a factor.

So, I’m basically too fat to ride a bicycle. That’s great. I’m riding for exercise, but I’m too fat. It’s like the Wii fit boards that only go up to like 250 pounds or whatever. Uh. Fat people want to lose weight too, fuckers.

Tomorrow my mom has to go to a class and she has to leave super early so she’s going to drop me off in the paper route area. I’ll have to walk home, but at least I’ll only have to walk one day. I plan on bringing a soda with me for that. I might also consider jumping in the lake, depending on how hot it is.

I hope my bike is fixed tomorrow… but I’m not sure how long it’ll take. I mean. All I fucking need is a new wheel. It’s not like I’m having major body work done. All the dude needs to do is stick a new back tire on and we’ll be good.


+A pancake.

+A turkey lunchmeat sandwich, with some veggie chips and hummus.

+Same thing I had for lunch, only I put some guacamole on my sandwich. It sounds weird but it’s really good, I promise.

Also, I had a few gummy cola bottles, a bowl of watermelon, a bowl of frosted mini wheats and a piece of cornbread.

Yeah. I’m outta here. I’ll mess about online until like 9 or so then I’ll hop in bed. I’m bushed. This heat just sucks the energy right out of you, man.


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