Day 205.

Well, today sucked. Right away at 5 am I discovered Mother Nature had dropped by with her lovely gift, so that was great.

Mom was up early for a class she had to go to (I think it’s for teacher certification or some shit) and she dropped me off at my paper route but I had to walk home.

Later, I went on a walk with my brother, and when we got home I got excruciating cramps that lasted for hours. It was fucking awful. I was also feeling jittery and lightheaded, and my arms and legs felt all shaky and shit.

While waiting for the tylenol to kick in I happened to catch the episode of Classic Albums on Duran Duran’s “Rio” and that reminded me how awesome Duran Duran are and just how proud I am to have a Duran Duran tattoo. I should probably see how much it would cost to get retouched, because it needs it badly. I got it done the summer of 2005 so it’s way past due. But I’m not exactly rolling in the dough. I just want to have a ball park figure in terms of the cost.




+An egg and a half (I had egg left over from an egg wash I used for something) scrambled with onion, tomato, and cheese.

+Lunchmeat sandwich with guacamole on it instead of mayo, also some veggie chips and hummus.

+Three small, thin pieces of pizza and a breadstick.

I also had a piece of cornbread today. That’s all I’ve had. Thankfully I don’t think about food when I’m cramping and nauseous… so I guess that’s the silver lining to feeling like shit for hours today. I feel all right now. I almost drank an entire 2 liter of soda. This needs to not become a habit. I’m trying not to buy a whole lot of soda, and I’ve been really good, but I caved in last night. That will be the last soda I buy for a while, though.

I don’t know what else I’ll eat today… probably not a whole lot to make up for the pizza.




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