Days 207-210

You may have noticed a slight delay in the posting of these entries. Or not. Nobody reads these things, and they’re more of a personal record anyway so… whatever.

I’ll do my best to remember when I didn’t write shit down. All I know is, this stretch of four days were like our vacation for the year so… I gained like 2-3 pounds.


{Day 207:
Breakfast: potato salad at 4:45 am. I also ate a pickle and a slice of thin meat, and a small cucumber (FROM MY GARDEN).

Lunch: a ham sandwich with provelone and american cheese and a pickle. Also multigrain pringles, and cherries. And a gummy bear.

Dinner: Two normal sized pieces of pizza and one super thin one (because apparently nobody can cut a pizza evenly lol). I also had some ice cream at Cold Stone, but I had the smallest size dish so it was okay.

(Day 208:
Breakfast: two biscuits, four egg whites, and an english muffin.

Lunch: lunchmeat sandwich, an apple, some caramel corn, a granola thin, some pringles, and a piece of pizza

Dinner: Didn’t really have dinner that day, but we did stop at A&W where my brother and I had root beer floats.

{Day 210:

Breakfast: Three very tiny donuts out of a bag. Also, some chocolate soymilk.

Lunch: It was at the family reunion, so… I had a small piece of chicken, two thin slivers of pizza (seriously, nobody can cut pizza evenly), some potato salad, some bean dip and taco chips, a cupcake and a brownie.

Dinner: A bowl of generic raisin bran crunch.


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