Day 211, in which I eat skittles and watch a Fred Astaire movie.

I ordered the adorable movie “You were never lovelier” from amazon a while back and it finally came in a couple days ago. My mom and I watched it today, and.. oh my god. I love that movie so much. Fred Astaire was so adorable, and DAMN could that man dance.

Anyway. I don’t really feel much like blabbing on otherwise so I’ll just get on with it.

+one tiny donut and a banana at 5am. Around 8 or so I had a bowl of generic rice krispies.

+a piece of really thin beef, with some potatoes/carrots and some green beans.

+A morningstar farms spicy black bean burger with homemade guacamole on an english muffin. Also, I had a small bowl of green beans.

Also today, I’ve eaten skittles and some twizzlers. And a package of fruit snacks, and a granola thin. And a couple graham crackers.

Thankfully my “that time of the month” snack craving is waning. Also, I’ll have my bike back from the shop tomorrow so I’ll be back to biking both ways for my paper route. I should get back on track pretty quickly.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to post an art blog and then look up pictures of Def Leppard. Good day


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