Day 215.

Today was the first time in a long time I went on an extra bike ride. Normally I don’t do anything except the paper route.

I’m depressed right now, so I apologize if this entry has that sort of undertone.

You know, I usually notice my mood swingy tendencies to be worse around that time of the month, but I really don’t know what to blame during the rest of the month.

Do you ever meet someone that you really like and then fall out of communication? I mean, sure, you probably have, but does it ever just get to you? Like an annoying skip on a record that you miss when you don’t hear it? And you know they probably didn’t feel the same and it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway but you still wonder about it, years after the fact?

I have one of those. I can see myself 50 years from now, rotting in a nursing home, still wondering about this one.

I don’t usually dabble in emo concepts like pretending nothing is wrong and making them think that you don’t still care but that’s probably what I’ll end up doing if I ever see this person again. Which I probably won’t.

So I don’t know why I’m worrying about it.

I’ve listened to this song like five times in a row, so I thought I should post it.

Also, for old times sake, I want to post this. You won’t understand the significance.


+A bowl of cereal. Generic raisin bran crunch.

+Whole wheat pasta with homemade creamy mushroom sauce.

+A turkey lunchmeat sandwich (with only one piece of bread, and half a slice of cheese). I also used some of this eggplant dip I made as a spread. I also had some taco chips and this homemade no cook salsa type stuff (It’s more like a pico de gallo really). I also had a few pieces of licorice and a piece of this sesame seed candy from the health food store.

I also had three cups of tea today which I know doesn’t really matter since tea is good for you. I’m on what, day three of my soda buying ban and I’m doing pretty well. If you’re out of it, I decided I will not buy soda. I will only have some if someone brings some home, which rarely happens… because I’m usually the one who buys it. I’ve also decided to put the change I’d normally use to buy soda away. Today I bought a tomato from the farmer’s market and some sesame sticks from the health food store, but furthermore my change will be tucked away.

Now I’m off to throw together an art blog entry for today.



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