Day 216, in which I watch Hercules for the first time in years.

I forgot how fricking good that movie is. I used to love it as a kid years ago but somewhere along the line it was a Disney movie I just didn’t rewatch, for some reason or another.

Other than that I haven’t done much of anything except listen to a shitload of Duran Duran… mostly their new album. Mixed in with stuff by Def Leppard, and the a-ha album “Lifelines”.

Anyway, I’m in a melancholy sort of mood so if we could just get on with it, that would be great.


+A bagel with lowfat cream cheese stuff.

+A cheesesteak sandwich, a cup of frozen custard, and a sno cone.

+A morningstar farms “turkey” meatless burger with eggplant spread, only one piece of bread and half a slice of cheese, a tomato slice, and sour cream. Yes I’m weird. No I don’t care if you care.

I also had some licorice and a couple cookies. I’m feeling self conscious and a bit shitty that I still can’t fit into my high school senior prom dress so I won’t be eating anything else tonight.


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