Day 230.

Today was, err… interesting. This morning my mother, myself, and someone else who is staying with us for a while went to visit my brother at college. Most of the day went really well.  We hung out for a bit, ate lunch, laughed a LOT, did some window shopping, had a great time.

Then come about 4pm. We had met up with another two friends of ours and stopped at a restaurant for dessert and we each had an iced tea (well, the three of them did. I had a raspberry lemonade). When we got up to leave, I felt weird all of a sudden.

I won’t explain it to you, but if know what time of the month it is for me, you’ll know what I’m getting at.

The only thing different this month is that I had taken three doses of Pamprin that day, if you begin the day at 3am. The box said not to exceed 8 pills a day. A dose is two pills, so I’d only had six. The thing is… the Pamprin we got has aspirin in it. Aspirin is a blood thinner.

I will spare you the gory details, but basically I had to sit on a garbage bag the entire drive home. Figure it out.

Everything has finally returned to fairly normal. I’m getting cramps again, but I’m scared to take any more Pamprin. It’s one thing to have an issue like that when I’m awake and completely aware of everything. It’s another entirely to have that sort of issue crop up when I’m asleep.

I’ll try to tough it out but if it hits midnight or 1am and the cramps don’t begin to wane, I’ll take one Pamprin pill.  Not a full dose.

Anyway, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get to bed. I have to deliver the giant Sunday papers tomorrow, and with how crappy I feel right now I feel like I need the extra sleep.



+A chocolate revel bar at 5:30(ish)am. I later had two huge marshmallows.

+ A chicken sandwich at Village Inn. I also had a few fries.

+Didn’t really have dinner on account of how full we were. I had another chocolate revel bar, a few animal crackers, and a dessert cup full of carrot sticks.

Also, mom and I split a dessert at a different restaurant than the one we ate lunch at.


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